Check out these 5 reasons why Internship is of more importance than you think

According to Oxford Dictionary, Internship is, “The position of a student or trainee who works in an organization, sometimes without pay, in order to gain work experience or satisfy requirements for a qualification.” An internship is a program offered by an organization to fresh graduates or to those who are still pursuing their college degrees, for a relatively short period of time. It helps students to gain practical experience, build strong networks in the workplace and fulfill the requirement of university credit.


The internship experience could be the first door out of many, towards a successful career. The prevailing truth of today’s world is the “opportunity market” is more fragile than ever. Landing a dream job straight after graduation is quite rocky. Most of the freshers are more likely to be simply turned down due to the insufficiency of experience. My experience was no different; the moment after I graduated I was searching for the right opportunity to initiate my career. Every job opening I could explore required at least one to two years of experience. Now, does this mean that in today’s world there simply isn’t an opportunity for a fresh graduate? It creates a catch 22 situation, because, you need to have at least a year of work experience to get a job, and on the flip side, to get the work experience you need to have a job. So the safest bet for students today would be to make the most out of your internship program.


With that being said, let’s discuss why an internship is central to develop your career:

  • An internship is the best way to accumulate priceless work experience during your start of career:

Well, for many students finding an internship opportunity is not easy, but it definitely can’t be trickier than landing into a career-defining job.  Generally, firms are willing to hire interns as much to ease their work by simply paying daily wages or by paying nothing. On the contrary, it befits the students’ interest, as well as the interns, will get a chance to gain valuable experience that helps to polish their CV to make it more attractive and professional.


  • Most of the employers prefer to hire experienced employee over fresh graduate:

A common strategy deployed by most companies is to spend less and earn more. So, they hesitate to hire young graduates and train them. But instead, they look to hire those who have experience and have less need for training to save company costs. This is where having an internship experience strikes the balance. Companies can hire people with experience and still save costs. Interns, on the other hand, can increase their chance of landing into their desired company with their internship experience.


  • You’re more likely to be hired and paid at the standard level if you have multiple internships:

Internships are short term programs typically lasting for 2-3 months. Now suppose you completed two internships programs of 3 months each, then you would have had a cumulative 6 months of work experience. Then at that moment, it is more likely for you to have your employability chance increased. You would have had adequate training during your internships and have your skills honed. Obviously, once you are in a position to demonstrate how your skills can fit the organization, then it is more likely for you to get hired and paid at the standard level.


  • You will develop confidence and work habits:

It’s in everybody’s nature to feel the pressure when you first start at the workplace. You might not yet have developed a habit to work in a team. You may not be used to work in a given schedule and deadlines. An internship is ideal to develop your work habits and strengthen all your weak spots. The internship program will; train you about work ethics, motivate you to work, and inspire you to succeed.


  • If you prove yourself then you can land a job at the place you are doing your internship:

For most companies, the hiring process is a tiring process as a lot of time and costs are attached to the hiring process. They are more than willing to make lasting relationships with their employees as it is more effective and easier for the company to work with people who understand their culture. During the internship program, interns can prove their worth to the company by showing a willingness to participate and contribute to the company’s mission and targets.  This willingness of an intern would generally be highly appreciated by the company and would most likely be willing to offer the intern a full-time job at the company.


Employers are always expecting newcomers to be smart, dynamic and can work independently. An internship will help you to polish and shine your CV.

Bottom Line: Make the most out of your internship opportunities and strike gold with it by learning, growing and committing.


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Contributor: Nischal Acharya

Edited by Clock b Business Innovations