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Clock b Business Innovations is an institution that works as a partner of entrepreneurs and investors to facilitate entrepreneurial possibilities, wealth creation and economic growth. Regardless of the geography, segment or industry, if you are an entrepreneurship, innovation and investment enthusiast/practitioner, then we seek to collaborate with you to help convert your entrepreneurial and investment goals into realities.

We work with wantrepreneurs/innovators to help them ideate market-fitting solutions and provide them necessary support like mentorship, seed investment, incubation to help kickstart their entrepreneurial ventures. Similarly, we work with entrepreneurs to help them successfully run their ventures by offering them with management services, technological assistance and by helping them raise investments. As for investors, with Clock b’s Investment Circle initiation we help them leverage the growth of their capital. We scout investment opportunities and provide our investment partners with analyzed investment information; formulate an investor community where opportunities and benefits are shared; and facilitate investment deals that assures healthy return on investments.

Additionally, our expertise in the areas of innovation, management and technology also enables us to assist corporates, associations, donor institutions and even not-for-profit institutions, with professional organizational support services that specifically fits to their needs and solves their problems.

Clock b Business Innovations focuses on contributing to create an enabling environment where innovators, entrepreneurs and investors can thrive.


Business Support

Facilitating entrepreneurs and innovators


Market connectivity

Connecting the market stakeholders


Reverse Innovation

Taking Nepalese ideas to the world

Culture & Values

Our culture lets us to uniquely perform our tasks and defines our behavior and values. Our work culture highlights our unique personality and our passion to serve entrepreneurs, innovators and investors at apogee level. We work with a belief that the success of our clients is what helps the success of Clock b Business Innovations. In order to live by our belief we enable an empowering environment for entrepreneurs, innovators and investors to make lasting and substantial progress in their performance to develop their ideas and projects into celebrated success.

Clock b highly values its purpose of supporting innovators, entrepreneurs and investors; and democratizing wealth creation opportunities; thus every action of ours is formed with an intention to empower, help and create a progressive environment for all to grow. We value all the people associated with our firm, and continually work on their developments in both professional and personal levels. We serve the interest of all associated people and look forward to maintain lasting and undying relationships with organizations, entrepreneurs, investors and innovators.

We promote optimism and celebrate happiness. We stay true and make promises that are achievable and realistic. We make the best use of available resources and yet deliver the very best of professional results. With our honesty and excellence, we assist our clients to stay productive and innovative. We match our clients with assortments of networking options for them to keep evolving in their industry.

Our People

Whether it is our associated entrepreneurs, investors & innovators or our enabling team, our people are the ones that lay the foundation to inch us closer to our objectives of creating jobs, wealth and impact in people’s lives. Clock b Business Innovations hires intellect individuals with rich knowledge and those who value excellence.

Driven, smart, clever, energetic are only few words that explain our people; but in reality words cannot do justice to their qualities. Not only are our people continually working to positively influence the market, but they aspire on building enhanced relationships with all other important stakeholders. They are the change-makers and the challengers who start their process with a touch of innovation.

Our unique working philosophy brings the best out of our people that in return defines who we are. Problem solving, creative and out-of-the-box thinking are the cornerstones of our people’s quality whereas they also possess intellectual curiosity and passion to shape the world of business in a better way.

Our Team

Pratistha Paudel

Management Associate: Innovations

Yuvaraj Acharya

Chief of Business Technology

Manjil Khadka

Business Technology Associate

Dilli Raj Joshi


Kamala Basnet

Office Support

Bijendra Shah

Chief Operations Officer

Samjhana Thapa

Chief Investment Officer

Binay Devkota

Chief Executive Officer


Pragya Dhungana

Salma Shakya

Roshani Chand

Bimarsh Neupane

Ishu Twayana

Bikisha Shrestha

Suresh Neupane

Shiwani Bhandari

Ajit Raj Panta

Bipin Devkota

Amrit Karki

Our clients
& partners

At Clock b Business innovations we provide our services to variety of industries. We not only deliver our services with honesty and integrity, we look forward to foster a healthy, perpetual and first-rate relationship with our clients. From big scale enterprises to start-ups, our client base is much diversified and we are always looking to add more admirable clients to our client list.

As an institution working in the area of market connectivity, Clock b Business Innovations intends to facilitate the growth of the market by establishing partnerships with institutions that are designed to deliver creative values to the market.

Our Notable
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Partnering with Entrepreneurs & Investors for Wealth Creation

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More than 25 Major Nepalese & International Media Channels, Including Newspaper, TV, Radio and Online News Channel have recognized our Work.

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Nepal’s Leading TV Channel – Kantipur TV and only Business TV – BTV, have recognized us.


India Times, Economic Times, Indian Express, Kantipur and other major newspapers have published our work.


We have been on Radio. Most notably on Kantipur FM.

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Entrepreneur, Deccan Chronicle, Online Khabar and all major e-news portal have continually recognized us.