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If you are someone who is planning to start a business, planning to run/grow your existing business or looking to make smart investments plus are willing to be smartly directed towards your goals then, yes, Clock b Business Innovations is for you.

Clock b is primarily focused to work with investors, entrepreneurs and wantrepreneurs.

For Investors

If you are already investing you would understand the importance of investment info, group & network, and best return assuring deals. We are currently facilitating an investor community, Investment Circle, which is an initiation designed to support everyone seeking to invest and grow their wealth. It is for those who have a keen interest in investments and are looking for first-hand information, the right network who they can trust and of course, return on their investments.

Primarily, Investment Circle makes 3 Core Promises to its members:


  1. Investment Information: Scout and share first-hand investment opportunities’ information (real estate, business investments, shares, commodities) to its members
  2. Money Network: Create a rich-money network and facilitate business relationships between all its members

3. Return on Investment: Grow investors (partners) wealth by generating high-returns on investments

If you are interested to join the investment circle, we are very much looking forward to meeting you first to understand your investment needs and see if we match in interest. You can make a request for meeting through our website or call us at +977-01-4426 267/8 so that we can start our conversation.

Yes, not only do we share investment news, info and contents that could help investment beginners learn about investments, but, we also have plans for investment beginners through which you can start making small investments and build professional investor relations.

Some of our events are exclusively member only events, where we cannot welcome non-members. But there are few meetups where even non-members can join. All of our investment events are listed on our social media channels and community page of our website. We encourage you to stay connected to learn about these events, and urge you to join the events where non-members are also eligible to join.

For Entrepreneurs

If you are running your business, Clock b can assist you in three main areas, management, investment and technology. Firstly, we offer management services such as marketing, social media, training, consulting etc. to help you run your business; secondly, we can help you find investment to scale your business; and finally, we offer specialized tech services such as web/mobile applications, softwares, e-commerce & e-retail solutions, blogging & e-news platforms, and business productivity tools such as SMS for Business.

While we concentrate our energies more towards supporting startups, we also work with institutions of all nature, industry and size. We already have a rich experience of serving corporates, NGOs, Donors, Government Institutions and international businesses.

Yes, one of our core activity is to connect investors with entrepreneurs. We already are partners with many investors who are looking for great investment opportunities in businesses like yours’s.

Managing your business can be complex and requires specialized attention. Managing your team, social media, accounts, marketing consumes lot of entrepreneurial energies and may not give you room to focus on growth. With Clock b, we can assist you in these areas by doing these tasks for you. You can either outsource these units to us or we can offer training or consulting services as you would need it.

Yes, we are heavily focused to help businesses to integrate technologies that could help them grow. Depending upon your need we could either customize services that perfectly fits your business, or you can select from our preset tech plans or services.

We highly appreciate the high standard IT services provided by companies in Nepal. But, more than just IT, we offer you with business technology solutions that specifically addresses your business needs. We are team of consultants, management experts, IT experts, and investors and we see each our services through different lenses before deciding to offer it.

We host numerous business events where we are eagerly looking forward to meet you. Stay updated with our social media channels and do join these business events. Meanwhile, we urge you to join our Clock b Community on our Facebook channel.

For Wantrepreneurs

If you are interested in starting a business, then we can help you starting from your planning. We can assist you in business modelling, registration, or finding early stage investors. We can also help you setup your business with services of web & mobile app development, logo & branding kit development, or management assistance in the areas of HR, Marketing or Accounting.

Clock b hosts numerous ideation, discussion, skilling, incubation and networking events and programs suited for people who want to start their own ventures.

All of our wantrepreneur events and programs are announced on our social media channels and community page of our website. Every event or program generally has unique eligibility criteria and registration info. We encourage you to stay connected to learn about the events and programs, and urge you to join in the ones you are genuinely interested.

Clock b Community

One of our major areas of focus is market connectivity. We believe for investors and entrepreneurs to thrive in Nepal, an enabling community is a must. So Clock b Community is our that effort to construct an integrated, synchronized and connected market community. We are doing that currently with our well facilitated Facebook group. We are looking forward for you to join the community.

Investors, Entrepreneurs, Academia, Media, Students, Bankers, NRNs, Donors, Government or anyone who is a part of the Nepalese market, we are awaiting to welcome you to your Clock b Community.

They say if you are not ‘networking’ then you are ‘not-working’. Our focus is to facilitate an integrated, synchronized and connected market community so that you could extract the right benefits according to your background, industry and context.

Careers With Clockb

If you aspire to be an entrepreneur some day or want to excel your career in the management background, then our match is perfect.

Our Internship programs are especially tailored for undergraduate and postgraduate student of either management or any relevant background meeting our requirements. During the Internship program the Intern would learn about the complex world of business or industry. It is an opportunity for both Clock b and the intern to evolve and grow together.

When we have our job vacancy announced, you can either apply directly by our website’s career page or drop us an email at careers@clockb.com.

Once your application is reviewed and accepted; we will shortlist the possible candidates. We will then send you an
e-mail informing the result of your application.

Request for Meeting

If you are interested in any of our investment, management, or technology services and want to understand more about its benefits, features and pricing you can either request service details or can request for meeting.

Request for meeting is an option for all our interested service seekers to allow us a chance to understand you better, personally. We would assess requirements when we meet so that we could tailor up services according to your need.

You can make a request by submitting our request for meeting form which is available on our Clock b and Services pages of our website. You could also call us at +977-01-4426 267/8. Or drop us an email at meetings@clockb.com

No, you do not. It is free as you are allowing us your time to know you better.

Once you have your request submitted, we would contact you within the next two working days.

Requests made by businesses or professionals within the Kathmandu Valley could either visit our office at 474 Aananda Bhairab Marg, Naxal-1, Kathmandu or we could come to your company address. Requests made from outside of the Valley or Country, the meetings would be scheduled by our webinar platform.

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More than 25 Major Nepalese & International Media Channels, Including Newspaper, TV, Radio and Online News Channel have recognized our Work.

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Nepal’s Leading TV Channel – Kantipur TV and only Business TV – BTV, have recognized us.


India Times, Economic Times, Indian Express, Kantipur and other major newspapers have published our work.


We have been on Radio. Most notably on Kantipur FM.

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Entrepreneur, Deccan Chronicle, Online Khabar and all major e-news portal have continually recognized us.