The 2 Friends of Idea Kick-Starters

Starting your own business or entering a new career? What is it that you are about to do? Do you have a game-changing idea? Do you aspire to be an entrepreneur? Or want to have a great career for the organization you follow and adore? Great, but ask yourselves is it that easy to get it done? Before you kick-start your business or career you might well have a lot of cunning queries. Let’s face it, we all have numerous queries that we every day seek answers to. If you are a student about to start your career or a start-up, the queries you might have if you remain unanswered could slowly eat up your confidence as entering a new phase in life is never easy.


For years now, Google has served as our best friend to answer our queries. It’s the mantra of “democratizing information” that has delivered enduring values to all people who have had their queries answered. On the contrary, as useful as online information has been, face to face meeting and learning together is of rich and pure value.  And even more so in a country like Nepal, where stats are hard to find, informative people are hard to meet, and businesses’ online presence is “absent”.  To actually make sure that our idea gets rolling and strikes gold in the future we really need to make friends with, coffee and networking events, besides, our online friend “Google”.


1.    Coffee

Summer or winter, hot or cold, to have a cup of coffee; rarely do we need any reasons. A steaming hot cup of coffee is all that it takes to ignite our day with full optimism. Coffee breaks are great to break the silence and start a new conversation. Be it a little gossip with a friend, advice from the seniors or even talks with ones dear to our hearts, coffee has brought us closer to people; it gives us time to stay connected with others. During the college years or working time, we all loved the word ‘coffee break’ which in truth is actually an interruption, which in turn is so helpful to fuel for the rest of the day; for the reason that we get time to discuss with people and share our ideas or knowledge over the “coffee break”. Coffee times are perfect for likeminded people to share ideas, get involved in healthy debates and help each other build for the better.

A quick flashback of the coffee history suggests that few great ideas were crafted over a cup(s) of coffee. Jonathan’s Coffee-House in 1698 saw the listing of stock and commodity prices that evolved into the London Stock Exchange. Lloyd’s Coffee House provided the venue for merchants and shippers to discuss insurance deals, leading to the establishment of Lloyd’s of London insurance market, the Lloyd’s Register classification society, and other related businesses. Auctions in salesrooms attached to coffeehouses provided the start for the great auction houses of Sotheby’s and Christie’s. Coffee has made a strong contribution to bettering businesses, societies, and countries.


2.    Networking Events

When you start fresh and clean, one general advice most people give is to remain passionate and confident. Passion and confidence are indeed the key cornerstones for success. Passion creates excitement and excitement invites dedication, at the other end of the spectrum confidence increases productivity. But is being passionate and confident enough to guarantee success? Well, it is definitely important but we need support, support from people for which we need to create powerful and trustworthy networks.

This is where networking event acts as the unlocking key. These events; are helpful in polishing ideas, have the ability to connect, can influence and build strong relationships. It helps to pitch the message of the organization or person, for their self designed requirement.


Summing & Blending it together

While the prospect of leaving university and finding a job can be daunting, starting a business could be equally tricky. Students and start-ups might feel like having a ticking bomb over their career or business and start panicking which in turn would lead you nowhere. It’s the start that you so truly need for which, you would need to go out and meet people, discuss and debate over a coffee, take their advice, have your queries answered, make a relationship, blend it all together and you will likely turn out a master of starting.

Just a quick reminder for all, that it’s still not late to kick-start your ideas over a cup of “latte”.


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Contributor: Bipin Devkota

Edited by Clock b Business Innovations