Business Networking Hours


Clock b Business Innovations concentrates on the mantra of working ‘For the Better Market’ and it well understands the need of collaboration and networking. Nepalese market remains interesting, creative yet fragile and is vulnerable to external climates. In order for the market to develop, all the market actors need to unite and create a business community that builds, earns and prospers together.

Business Networking Hours

Clock b Business Innovations introduces “Business Networking Hours” Event which is tailored for being an all out networking event. It is an event designed to celebrate togetherness, industry and people.

Reasons for attending this Event

“You are either Networking or You are Not-Working”

Moreover this networking event of ours is a “Platform”.

  1. Platform for building professional connection
  2. Platform for providing mentoring
  3. Platform to clarify questions you might have
  4. Platform for promotion of interesting concepts, business, products, services and even yourselves
  5. Platform for speed networking
  6. Platform to meet your networking needs
  7. Platform where you could make yourselves heard

The platform we are trying to set for you and your business gives marvelous reasons to attend. Business Networking Hours is for you and about you, so help us make you known.

Why to Meet People?

The truth in the real world is that, “We all learn from the PEOPLE and earn because of the PEOPLE”. So, abiding by the truth “You need to TURN to the PEOPLE”

Who is the Event is designed for?

This event is designed for, “Everyone”, who are (working in, contributing to, buying from or are soon working) at the Nepalese Market. Hence, the expected participants would represent different industrial background.

What is matchless about this event?

Clock b specializes on business networking. With a history of organizing highly productive business events and conferences, we craft most sessions in our event by ourselves. Clock b works for testing new ideas, we recommend you to come visit the event to know why this event is matchless. It is a one platform where you could promote your business, generate ideas, get business knowledge and meet high profile investors. It is truly the most invaluable Business Networking Event in the city.