Holiday 2021 Marketing Hacks: Tips to Crush the Season

Holidays are a great time for merrymaking! Also, for promoting your business! Holiday shopping has become an essential part of celebrations, and this becomes a crucial time to deliver your services accordingly. Making use of holidays is not just a clever hack to appeal to customers, but also showcases your creativity, and anchors your product to holiday spirit, which your customers are after! The following are a few holiday hacks for you!


1) Beautify with holiday themes: Holidays are times for relaxation, and times for celebrations. The pros of holidays for promotion is to make use of the various decors and themes that comes with each different holidays. Having holiday specific decorations, in your physical business, as well as in your online stores, shows that you and your product matches with the sentiments of your customers. It anchors and shows justification that you match with the holiday necessities of your customers, while showing your creativity. For instance, cafes having Christmas tree attract more people during Christmas! Updating your decors according to holidays and seasons also freshens up your space, showing that you put effort in updating yourself!


2) Promote holiday specific products/services: Holidays mostly include gifts and food exchanges, and also holiday specific services and products. Identifying your business with current holidays can be an excellent avenue for marketing. Cake shops can cater to holiday and season specific decorations, foods, and items. For example pumpkin pie in falls! Fashion stores can incorporate seasonal and festive colors. If you own retail stores, cookie cutters would sell in Christmas, and colors would sell in Holi! The potential of marketing holiday specialties are endless, and it brings profit to be in holiday spirit! These does not only include goods and eateries. Even if you have online teaching or learning platforms, you can make use of holidays relating to your course! Do you teach about nature? Make use of environment days and its themes! Do you teach dance? Showcase German dance in Oktoberfest!


3) Make use of creative promotional campaigns: You can be on top of your game by bringing creative promotional campaigns during holidays. Holidays are times for shopping, and are also time for seasonal and festive bargains. Running promotional campaigns can be the most effective when coincided with holidays, as these are the time when people shop the most! These are also times when people have free time for other services you might be involved with, other than selling goods. For. eg. weekend getaways, spa treatments, wine tasting, etc. People are most likely to click your ads during these times, as they are indeed looking to shop!


4) Help with the holiday rush: As holidays can be stressful for shoppers, with huge buying and to-do lists, this is also a time where you can showcase how efficient you can be. By having quick delivery services, a very easy and hassle free handling sites, and even efficient salespeople, you can bring down the workload and stress of shoppers, making them come back to you! There are even schemes you can provide, for e.g putting together a gift hamper for their loved ones, or having readymade goodie bags, which are holiday themed. E.g having a readymade masala pack for Tihar if you deal with dry fruits, having seasonal juices available if you sell fruits and beverages, having a pack of valentine day themes chocolates if you are a chocolatier, the probabilities are endless.


So make use of the upcoming holidays and seasons to up your marketing games! Appeal to the holiday spirit, and make profit while you celebrate. Remember to tuck away your décor after holiday ends, for you coming outdated! Freshen up every once in a while. If you have never tried holiday themed marketing strategies yet, jump in with the upcoming Maghe Sakranti!