Got a Business? What Sells?

Owning a business can be both rewarding, and daunting in terms of getting more customers. Marketing holds as much value as the quality of product or service that you are selling, for people buy from you when they know you are there. Presence counts!


Here are a few marketing advices that can take your business further:


1) Optimize your social media presence: Social media is a wonderful platform to sell your business, for everyone’s there! There are many social media to make use of, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and the success is not only in having an account everywhere, but in knowing where your target people are. Social media these days offer promotion services, to share your business much further than before, and engaging posts on social media will attract potential customers to your websites. There are many other features on these platforms to make your business efficient, from getting viewers, reaching wider audiences through tagging and sharing, to even getting feedback and hearing from your customers. It’s important to know your hashtags, and people to tag, with effective story telling in “my story” to appeal to this social media savvy generation! The trick is to be active, responsive, and convincing visualization!


2) Play with your data: Depending on the kind of business you own, data sets might differ, but you can always play with it. Through good visual infographics, you can put your point across regarding the importance of your business, or your product. Does your product combat pollution? Talk about pollution and how your product solves it! Does your product deal with fashion? Create an engaging blog on fashion! Do you sell food? Maybe a site with your recipes will drive in your customers! Or even if you sell an online class, share about what makes your subject special! At this time when the whole world has started to rely more on online media, hosting webinars relating your product and service will also bring in many potential customers across your way. Having an engaging blog, having strong data and information to rely on, and getting your point across on the need of your product is a great way to establish your own niche. The more stronger information you have for your customers, the more will they rely on you!


3) Freebies for profit: They might sound contradicting, but freebies lead to profit! If done the right way! It is a great idea to have room for freebies in your budgeting, as these grab attention of the mass. Sales and discounts always tend to attract the eyes of potential customers, adding traffic flow into your websites, or your physical store. Some ideas for freebies might be free online classes that you can afford it give, and then talk about certain products that you can introduce in the end of the class. Or give some free snippets of your new upcoming books, which will then spark interest in your readers to buy the whole book! There are cafes that make use of freebies, by offering free food after people buy certain amount worth. Or in your café you can give away free coffee after your customer comes in 20 times! Freebies work, when you are confident that the product or service that you give will spark further interest in your customers. It works when your product or service is good enough to tug in at your customers!


4) Mark your presence: Show that you are there by making use of every avenue that you have. Amplify your social media, share brochures, use your local areas for promotion, use celebrities if you can, host events, take part in local and/or bigger marts/conferences/workshops, talk to people, network, in short go all out! Being timid has no place when you want to sell! For people hear and see you, when you make a noise!


Investing in marketing and promoting your brand works wonder with sales numbers. Using all the different avenues available for you, you can definitely have the bragging rights to rocketing profits, and increasing traffic to your websites and physical stores. So research your target audiences, make use of social medias, introduce promotional campaigns, and go all out to reach wider people!