Are you Over Marketing?

Is it possible to be over marketing your business and yourself? Yes! There is a fine line between promoting yourself and reaching to the point of annoyance, when you are not careful with what, how and when you promote yourself and your content. Being seen by customers is definitely a need for your business, but getting in their eyes every single second will soon take your appeal from level of interest to never wanting to see it again. Here are a few signs you might be over marketing, and why it hampers you in the long run.


Sending excessive promotional emails/messages: There are only so much messages a person can tolerate before it becomes a spam. Too many emails/messages sent very frequently repeating the same things tune many people out. Seeing the same promotion too many times does not only bore the audiences, but also depreciates its value as being redundant. It is important to identify and check with your customers how frequent they think your emails are, and regulate it before people unsubscribe you or opt out altogether. Also, you have to target messages according to your specific audience groups instead of sending numerous generic promotions, too frequently.


Promising what you cannot deliver: There is also a very thin line between self-promotion and exaggeration. Do not fall into the trap of bluffing to please, for it backfires. While marketing about you and your product or service, it is necessary to stick to the facts, and promise only what you can deliver. All that glitters is not gold, and it will hold true for your business if your marketing is over the top, but your product or service cannot do what it promises to do.


Wrong content for the wrong group: As mentioned in brief above, it is very important to target specific audience according to what you want to promote. Generic emails tend to go over the head of many people, whereas if you take time to tailor your promotional campaigns according to the needs of certain groups of customers, it will fall into the right person’s sight of view. Therefore, while it is disappointing to see many people unsubscribe to your emails, or not react to your posts, studying this trend can also give insight to what kind of content appeal to people, which category of people are unsubscribing, which advertisements of yours were followed by the biggest drop in your subscribers, and which group actually followed through with your advertisement and made a purchase.


Unengaged Pestering: It is also a sign that you are over marketing, if you do not get as much response and engagement back as you put out. Sending tons of similar marketing emails bore your customers, and they will not have as much interest or engagement after the first few. You will have to understand that something is wrong if your response rate from campaigns are waning, and you have to be careful when your posts and emails become pestering, instead of appealing.


While marketing yourself, it is important to be careful not to go overboard. It is important to play smart, rather than pull out all stops. It only takes a few extra steps, before you step into the over marketing zone. Over marketing can have more negative impact rather than positive returns, as people get bored and tired of seeing the same stuffs over and over again. So remember to shake things up, bring changes in your contents and methods of advertisement, strive to keep your contents engaging, and let people take a break from you too!