Are you the annoying colleague?

Are you the amazing colleague that everyone wants to be around and work with? Or are you the nasty one that knowingly or unknowingly pushes the wrong buttons? If you love repelling people away from you go ahead but if you actually want to be a good colleague but are oblivious to behaviors that give you the tag of an annoying colleague this article can help you out!


You get too personal: Do you ever look at your co-workers and comment on their appearance? On their personal life? There personal choices? Congratulations you are one of the most annoying colleagues to be around. A colleague is a professional equation and you got to maintain that integrity. There is absolutely no place for comments such as “You’ve gained weight” “You lost your weight” “You look sexy today” “What are you doing after work?” “Why did you fight with your aunt?” in a workplace. Unless you actually get along and are friends with the person you are making these comments too. This also goes for unnecessarily invading someone’s personal place and getting too touchy. Maintain your distance, and maintain a cordial relationship.


You are a toxic brewer: Do you gossip around the workplace? Do you go for groupism and segregate people? Do differential treatments? Make silly jokes out of matters requiring gravity such as someone’s sexuality and opinions? You are another annoying colleague to avoid. You might be wondering why these two categories of annoyance come before the slackers and sloppy workers, but a professional and amiable work environment is conducive for efficiency and productivity. So if you make a soap opera out of your workplace, or make it toxic through verbal and behavioral bullying, then you are one of the most annoying colleague one can have.


You are not cooperative: The last thing you need in an already challenging workplace is to have an uncooperative colleague. You are always working with somebody, and in any work setting collaboration brings the best result. If you deny everyone their opinion, act like a know-it-all, are dismissive to any suggestions whatsoever, order people about, are harsh and not budging your decisions in any scenarios, are un-adaptive to changes and challenges then yes, you are an annoying colleague.


You are a slacker: While slacking can be enjoyable for you it costs a lot when you are working with a team. When you slack you do not only halt your own work but you halt the work of everyone when you are working in a team setting, and no wonder that is annoying! When you don’t work professionally and your work is not up to par, it increases the workload of someone else in the workplace like they don’t have enough on their plate already! If you don’t want to do yourself a favor by upgrading yourself and your professional image, do others this favor!


You are sloppy: Is there a mess everywhere you go? Spilled coffee, breadcrumbs, crumpled paper, stinky clothes seem to follow you around? Congratulations on being the sloppy coworker no one wants to be around. Not necessarily because you are a bad person, but because you reek – literally! You might have wonderful ideas but people would be annoyed if they get it with a big serving of bad breath. Leaving common spaces in a mess, and lacking hygiene can be the most annoying put off in any workplace. And remember, no one has the time to pick up after you.

This read can help you be the most annoying colleague you can be, or actually check yourself and prevent yourself from being one. Go ahead accordingly!