Devanshi Shah and Her Idea of She Wants

A young and upcoming entrepreneur Devanshi Shah caught the attention of hundreds during EntrepreneuHER. While still a student and devoid of a formal team, Devanshi’s pitch in EntrepreneuHer was commanding enough to get her spot among the top 35 contenders. Her start-up, which is still in its ideation phase, aims to provide one of its kind custom-tailored bras to women in Nepal, and then to the world at large to solve the problem of sizing and the discomfort caused by unfitting brassieres. It has been said that about 80% of women are wearing a poorly fitting bra, even at this date and time. As Devanshi shares “an idea of a business comes from the identification of a problem and this problem of mine which I have been struggling with from pre-teen till now is my business”. It aims to cater to the needs of every woman from pre-teen and above, as while there are tons of companies that manufacture bras, they come in limited size and shape boxes, and are therefore very prone to causing discomforts.  “Just like every individual is different so is the size of the breast and it is very much necessary to have a correct fitting” shares Devanshi, as unfitting bras cause various health problems such as breast skin damage resulting in stretch marks, spine and back pain and also bad postures. Sometimes it might even cause permanent changes to the body such as deep grooves in the shoulders caused by pressure from the bra shoulder straps. The lack of breast support and the difficulty in finding a well-fitting bra has also been linked to a reluctance to exercise, with obvious long-term consequences. And these are not the only implications of an ill-fitting bra. As Devanshi puts it very well, “just the idea of you having to fit into some standard body measurement criteria was uncomfortable”.

Devanshi has formulated a business plan for She Wants to tackle this problem. And when it comes to fruition, she will be focusing on providing custom-tailored brassieres made of many different synthetic materials including rayon (manmade fiber), spandex, polyester, and lace. Some are all cotton, some are all polyester, and some are combinations of natural and synthetics, and so forth. There are a few limitations to Devanshi for pursuing her start-up actively at the moment, due to her studies and because she has just started out, but even in such a short time Devanshi has felt that women leadership is not taken as seriously. But she has her determination in place to make it far in the entrepreneurial world. “It is not exactly ‘sunshine and flowers’ but I’ll try and do my best.” Her immediate plan is to continue studying to educate herself about business management and work with other experienced women entrepreneurs to learn as much as she can. For Devanshi “EntrepreneuHER” was a significant program that not only allowed her to pitch her idea and get mentoring about entrepreneurship but also gave her a platform to engage and network with incredible women entrepreneurs from different spheres of life.

Bold enough and with an entrepreneurial mind, Devanshi has taken up this initiative to solve her problem while also solving that for every other woman possible!  While this young entrepreneur has just started out, she aspires to have all women have access to her product. And to upcoming wanterpreneurs Devanshi says “Just do it!”

You can reach her at:

Instagram – @devanshi_shah_14

Facebook – Devanshi Shah