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Strategic location in South Asia, Youth Population, Stable Government, Rise Entrepreneurial Ventures, Forecasted GDP Growth Rate these are just few of the many reason to start investing in Nepal. However, even with these great reasons to start investing, there are many challenges. Difficulty in finding deals, investment exit options, and a lack cohesive investment strategies are the most pressing challenges in Nepal’s investment environment. Clock b Business Innovations has been closely working with hundreds of investors for number of years to understand the challenges they are facing and together are facilitating an Investor Community, Investment Circle.

Investment Circle is an initiation designed to support everyone seeking to invest and grow their wealth. It is for those who have a keen interest in investments and are looking for first-hand information, the right network who they can trust and of course, return on their investments.

Investment Circle is a community-creating initiative designed for all the people who are willing to invest, connect, and be part of the larger community of investors.

Primarily, Investment Circle makes 3 Core Promises:

  1. Investment Information: Scout and share first-hand investment opportunities’ information (real estate, business investments, shares, commodities) to its members
  2. Money Network: Create a rich-money network and facilitate business relationships between all its members
  3. Return on Investment: Grow investors (partners) wealth by generating high-returns on investments

Just like in any good community, Investment Circle is about sharing, connecting and growing together. Having information about the investment options whether it is related to share market, real estate properties, privately owned businesses or commodities is the most important necessity for investing. Similarly, having a network that shares, invests in each other and distributes optimism is equally important. Not to mention the higher the return on investment the better the investment decision. Investment Circle is built-up with these three promises and intends to deliver it through its events and community interaction programs.

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