What makes you a good entrepreneur?

So are you an entrepreneur? Are you confident that you are a good entrepreneur? Or are you thinking of becoming one? Is there even a thing as a good entrepreneur? How would you define a good entrepreneur? Well, we would define a good entrepreneur as one who is sure about themselves and their service. Find out if you have these qualities that make you a good entrepreneur.


  1. Diligent – You are diligent. It takes a hardworking individual to make and build a blueprint from the ground, and that is what entrepreneurship is all about. Diligence is required as you start your own empire out of scratch. Whether it be about researching your market and product and upcoming trend, or about ensuring quality in your products and services, you are diligent and it shows.
  2. Creative – You are creative. It is hard to not call an entrepreneur creative, for they do start from nothing and end up with amazing products and services. But do you have that creative flair that takes you all the way? That helps you to form your own branding in the market? From helping your product stand out to create brilliant marketing strategies, creativity is imperative! Sometimes little creative things take a business to new levels, and if you are a good entrepreneur you know how to do that.
  3. Team player – You are a team player. Obviously operating a business is not a one-person journey, unless you are solely running around everywhere. To be a good entrepreneur you need to be a team player, playing to the strengths of all your teammates in producing your desired outcomes. The majority of entrepreneurs start their own business because they need freedom from the 9-5, so make sure you are not making a boring 9-5 for your team, which you ran away from.
  4. Adaptive – You are adaptive! Good entrepreneurs know that the only thing certain about the market is that it is never constant. There will be ups when profits soar high and then there are down moments when business takes a plunge. Being adaptive means you know how to gracefully tackle all the fluctuation. Being adaptive also means being up to date and changing with the changing times; making use of the newest trends, which is crucial to keep yourself from being lost in the crowd.

Now, these might not be the only points to define a good entrepreneur, there might be hundreds of other qualities. But did you resonate with any or all of these broad qualities? If you got 4/4 congratulations you seem like an awesome entrepreneur. If not, you are honest and that is always a good starting point. Keep upgrading yourself and your good qualities to upgrade your business. For you make your business.

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