Innovation IDs – Idea Designing Summit

What is Innovation IDs?

Every market built is unique and inimitable. A market is a collection of unique individuals, businesses and industry. So for any unique market to excel and succeed; there has to be injection of innovation and creativity. Similarly, Nepalese market is distinct but for this market and its actor to be prominent, we need an idea that are made for the Nepalese market, addresses the market requirement and solves our market problems. Clock b Business Innovations’ commitment to work for the better market brings us to introduce the ‘Innovation IDs’ event, a first-ever innovative event of its kind with an aim to serve as a platform to collaborate for innovation.

Why Nepalese Market needs Innovation?

For ages, we have either been imitating other achievers, borrowing technologies of the western market or copying ideas from Google. Nepalese market is distinct and market patterns are different from that of international market. Innovation, in its simple term is staying relevant to market need. In a uniquely functioning market of Nepal, we need to tailor an idea that fit the market context of Nepal, suits the interest of the customers and above all and helps in the overall growth of the market.

Why is Innovation IDs happening?

For one of its kind, Nepalese market, Clock b intends to create a matchless platform. The core objectives of this event are:

  • Facilitate the concept of Open Innovations in Nepal
  • Serve as a platform to generate market changing ideas through collaboration
  • Celebrate accomplishment and stories of achievers
  • Serve as a platform to promote interesting concepts, business, products, services and even yourselves
  • Learn about the market, its need and challenges
  • Explore market opportunities
  • Professional networking

Who is the event designed for?

“Everyone” If you are (working in, contributing to, buying from or are soon working) at the Nepalese Market then this event is designed for you.

What is matchless about this event?

Clock b Business Innovations has led number of matchless and unprecedented events which includes Diaries Series, Business Networking Hours, Meet Investors @Breakfast, Standup for Passion and more. Innovation IDs is yet another matchless event designed to bring the market community together so as to craft innovative ideas for the better market. We have crafted most sessions ourselves with an intention to address market curiosities and complexities. Clock b works for testing new ideas, we recommend you to come attend this annual event to know why this event is matchless.

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