Women Entrepreneurship in Nepal

Entrepreneurs, as we define them are problem solvers. They see challenges through an opportunistic perspective and make monetary benefit out of it. Entrepreneurs are globally designing solutions that are making the world a better place to live in. Most of these solutions are coming from women. It is estimated that in Asia nearly one-third of the new small enterprises are set up by women. Even in Nepal, there are thousands of women entrepreneurs running businesses and contributing immensely to the Nepalese economy. Yet, when we are listing the names of high-achieving entrepreneurs in Nepal, rarely do we see any names of women entrepreneurs included.

Whether it be the challenge of balancing family and business life, struggling to be taken seriously, dealing with limited funding access, defying social expectations, or coping with the fear of failure, there are challenges surrounding women entrepreneurs. The patriarchal social setup still considers the business to be a male-dominated domain where women simply can’t cope. They are either not seen capable or merely considered at best, considered capable of generating enough only to sustain their livelihoods.

Despite these odds, today, women are making an important contribution to economic growth whether it be through their small enterprises or their tech-enabled startups, they are delivering unprecedented results. Few women entrepreneurs of Nepal have moved beyond livelihood needs and started to think about national or even global impact. Their design of entrepreneurship is not only inspiring and motivating but also is generating thousands of jobs. To increase the number of these impact-makers we need an enabling environment for women entrepreneurs. Only then, more and more women can design ideas that solve problems and scale their businesses to make a national impact.


What is EntrepreneuHER?

EntrepreneuHER is an entrepreneurial experiential learning and networking program for women wantrepreneurs and entrepreneurs. This program is comprised of an entrepreneurial conclave, mentorship sessions as well as a virtual incubation program that helps to develop entrepreneurial solutions to existing issues, promote the women entrepreneurs’ ideas, pair them with mentors/trainers and connect them with a wider entrepreneurial community including the seed/angel investors.

The EntrepreneuHER Program is designed with an understanding that it is important to provide the support that helps women wantrepreneurs/entrepreneurs to start or run their own venture. Furthermore, the program also understands that it is crucial to connect the market multi-stakeholder community with these women entrepreneurship aspirants and startups. Hence, the program focuses to skill the women wantrepreneurs/entrepreneurs for them to be able to design their ventures, run them sustainably and connect them with the wider entrepreneurship ecosystem

During this program, the participants will go through entertaining yet intensive workshops and sessions that offer information/knowledge about problem identification, ideation, value proposition and USP, customer profiling, managing resources, understanding cost and revenue, and building a business model. The program will explore the innovative side of these entrepreneurship enthusiasts by understanding how they handle the uncertainties, challenge the customs, and visualize the new ways of doing.

After the intensive workshops and a series of mentorship sessions, the EntrepreneuHER program will conclude with a flagship EntrepreneuHER Conclave, where multi-stakeholders of the market will attend to connect with the participants and their ideas. EntrepreneuHER conclave will particularly focus on showcasing the entrepreneurial venture prototypes, business pitches, and discussions on women entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, EntrepreneuHER program helps inspire women wantrepreneurs to start their own ventures and connect them with sources of financing, investors, and bankers. Furthermore, the platform also provides current women entrepreneurs a chance to showcase their ventures, explore investments, and financing options.

This program at its core is designed to promote and celebrate the spirit of women entrepreneurship in Nepal.



EntrepreneuHER Program is a matchless platform with the core objectives to:

  1. To facilitate the beginning of the entrepreneurial journey for women by helping them convert their entrepreneurial interests into ideas
  2. Develop a relationship of women wantrepreneurs/entrepreneurs with market stakeholders, which leads to improved chances of successful implementation of their entrepreneurial ideas
  3. Introduce new innovative and idea designing methods and assist them to develop a fitting business model of their idea by providing incubation support
  4. Connect them to banking, financing, and investment options so that these women wantrepreneurs/entrepreneurs to get the capital they need to start/scale their business.


Who is the Program designed for?

The Program is set up with a theme of ‘ACCELERATING THE WOMEN ENTREPRENEURSHIP SCENE IN NEPAL’. Hence, the program is tailored for Women Entrepreneurs, Women Want-repreneurs, and all other connected women entrepreneurship ecosystem actors.

30 women wantrepreneurs/ entrepreneurs are expected to be part of the virtual incubator program. Additionally, the EntrepreneuHER Conclave is expected to welcome over 300 entrepreneurship ecosystem stakeholders.


What is the Overall Process of the Program?

The Overall Process of the Program would be according to the following steps:

Step 1: Call for Application for 30 Cohort Participants

Step 2: Virtual Incubation

Step 3: Prototyping and Business Modelling

Step 4: Preliminary Selection (Selecting 10 Ideas for the Finale)

Step 5: Conclave Pitch Preparation

Step 6: Mentorship

Step 7: Grand Finale


How Does it Benefit the Women Wantrepreneurs/ Entrepreneurs?

As stated above, the core intent is to convert the entrepreneurial interest of the women wantrepreneurs/ entrepreneurs into a market-fitting entrepreneurial idea. So, during the EntrepreneuHER Program the participants are expected to:

  1. Learn about entrepreneurship and how to get started
  2. Enhance their creativity, ideation and entrepreneurship skills
  3. Learn to identify problems and create meaningful solutions with interesting problem solving techniques
  4. Engage with mentors, experts and entrepreneurs to connect with a wider entrepreneurial ecosystem
  5. Explore banking, financing & investment options to raise capital to start/scale their business
  6. Overall the program helps the participants understand the entrepreneurial perspectives, strategies and environment, and prepare for their own ventures


Date and Time

The official EntrepreneuHER program starts from 7 February 2021. After 10 days of extensive virtual incubation program and further 3 days of mentorship, the finale of program, EntrepreneuHER Conclave will be organized on 28th February 2021.



Registration starts from 15 January 2021. Participants can register online. Since there are limited seats available, registration would be based on first come first serve basis.

You could register for this event by filling the form. Alternatively, you could either contact Clock b Business Innovations at 01-4426267/8 or drop in an e-mail at events@clockb.com.

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