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Start Date & Time : 2020-06-02 15:00:00
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Before we start with the background of Skill Share, let’s quickly ask two questions to ourselves:

  1. What is it that you are good at? Is it important?
  2. What is it you are not good at? Is it not important?

In this ever-evolving world, it may certainly not be possible for us have basic skills of everything let alone being good at everything. If you are a great technician, is parenting, spirituality, investment or teaching not a relevant skill to you?

We are all learning and evolving at a pace that yesterday no one thought was possible. Whether it is entrepreneurship, lifestyle, food, arts, technology like Artificial Intelligence, Crypto Currency, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality or any other sector, it has been continually evolving. Every industry is seeing new lights and opening of new areas of immense possibilities. As a result, today’s fast pacing market demands you to deliver the best at everything that you do. And to be a step ahead of the game we are all learning and specializing on what we do, in order to deliver the best results and finally be able to flourish in our area of work.

As a result, we have mastered our forte but for a complete understanding of every industry, we have a long road to travel. Reading all the available information and gaining knowledge of every industry may not be realistic in this time of specialization, but we can certainly do with learning the important skills of different industry and life.


What is Skill Share? 

Everyone has skills and they are good at something that is worth sharing!!!

Skill Share is an idea designed to share and learn different skills and ideas. Our intention is to build a community that believes in sharing, learning and evolving together to build a strong market team, an ecosystem and the community. Every new Skill Share event will focus on new skill themes of our market or life such as digital marketing, public speaking, sales, networking, coaching, investment and more. In an hour-long format of the event, Skill Sharer will firstly present the themed topic for 20 Minutes which will then be followed by 40 Minutes Q&A Discussion with Moderator and Live Participants.

This is an event where you will learn skills in different aspects of the market and life. If you are curious about this world and are a learner who plans to learn important skills of market and life, then this is a must-attend virtual-event for you.


Who are the Skill Sharers?

Skill Share is a specific topic-based discussion, where the intention is to share a particular skill by someone who has had practical experience in that area.


Can I participate?

We welcome everyone willing to share their skills and learn from similar great open-minded skill-sharing individuals. Hence, the expected participants would represent different professional backgrounds but will have one similar interest, ‘Skill Sharing’.


Where does this event happen?

Skill Share is a virtual event that is hosted on the Zoom platform.

To join the event use the link:


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Skill Share

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