Entrepreneur Coffee Club

Entrepreneurs’ Coffee Club

Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have an interest in entrepreneurship and innovation? Do you want to connect with entrepreneurs and innovators? And have fun?


Join us at Entrepreneurs’ Coffee Club!!! An open platform looking to connect great entrepreneurial minds together!!! It is an event to connect, play games and have fun together!!!

Starting a business can be a daunting task and so can be running it. We all are interested in starting our own business because we know that the time now is best for entrepreneurship, Right? But even being at the best phase of entrepreneurship we need to stay connected, establish an environment for co-working and build partnerships.

If you are a believer of entrepreneurship and networking then join us every Saturday at Entrepreneurs’ Coffee Club event.

We invite you to meet fellow entrepreneurs, potential partners, investors and collaborators. We invite you to have fun with fellow entrepreneurs!!!


This event is designed for; ANYONE with an interest in Entrepreneurship and are willing to connect with fellow entrepreneurs. Hence, the expected participants would represent different professional background. If you are an innovator, entrepreneur, startup, business person, investor or professional; than this is a must attend social event for you.


This is an open drop in event and no registration is required to join the club of energetic entrepreneurs of the country.

*Make sure you bring enough business cards.


Kathmandu: Kaffe Codes, Central Business Park

Entry Fees

Pay for your own Orders

Benefits to Attendees

1.       Discuss about entrepreneurship in Nepal

2.       Play Games and Have Fun

3.       An instant and valuable support network

4.       Be a part of Nepalese entrepreneurship ecosystem

5.       Learn from fellow entrepreneurs

6.       Promote your products, company and even yourselves

7.      Partnership opportunities

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   2020-06-02 15:00:00      Virtual Meetup on Zoom.us