Meet Investors @Breakfast


Every new market problem creates a market opportunity for start-ups; which in turn creates an opportunity for investors to meet such credible concepts. It is only with the collaboration of concept designers with investors, the idea actually takes birth and witnesses much needed market light. Nepal is changing and more start-ups are taking up the front scene in the market. At the other end of the market spectrum, for these concepts to build, manage and grow in our Nepalese market, it needs to be tailored accordingly, mentored and invested.

Meet Investors @Breakfast

Clock b Business Innovations believes in promoting Nepalese businesses and Nepalese market. Accordingly, we are committed to deliver lasting value for the better market. Meet Investors @Breakfast is our initiation for helping start-ups and business persons to meet with investors to pitch their ideas. It is an investment event, where 12 company representatives are selected and invited to attend this event to discuss about a possibility to tie up with major big name investors of Nepal.

It is also an opportunity to get investment and strategic knowledge. This business networking breakfast session is something uniquely tailored for all interested to create a better version of Nepalese market, together.


Accomplished business personalities, investors and mentors will be gracing the event. The event will also be attended by representatives of investment firm and venture capital agencies.


This event is designed for startups, entrepreneurs and business enthusiast who are looking for investment to either start or scale their institution. The expected participants would represent different industrial background, but as this is a capped event, the businesses attending would have to go through a selection process.

Benefits to Attendees

  1. Explore investment opportunities
  2. Build market relationships
  3. Learn from powerful investors and accomplished business personalities
  4. Promote your businesses, products, services or yourselves
  5. Collaborate with mentors to generate market-fitting Ideas.


Interested applicants must send their brief company bio or company profile to

There are only limited seats of 12 available in the main investment pitching event; hence, the participation would be based on a selection process based on a telephonic interview and study of relevant company documents.

Session and Activities

Meet Investors @Breakfast would start with 5 minute pitching session where business representatives would introduce their business idea and clarify their investment need through Powerpoint presentation. The entire session would be focusing on the general discussion about their business idea, their market motive, investment purpose and challenges that they might encounter.

The second half of the event would include questions and review from investors. The business veterans of Nepal would be passing on comments about the attendees’ business model and idea.

Remember: All of this happens over Breakfast Networking!!!

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