Sales & Marketing Ideation Bootcamp


Sales & Marketing Ideation Bootcamp is a 2-day intensive and innovative program that provides individuals of different backgrounds with the opportunity to explore, generate, develop and evaluate ideas related to business ventures, sales and marketing. The bootcamp empowers the participants to improve their skills and observation techniques to better understand the customers and develop a try-new mentality through rapid prototyping and iteration.

The unique and important role of sales & marketing is to bridge the gap between the potential customer needs and the products/service that the organization offers to satisfy that particular need. All business organizations generate revenue through its sales & marketing actions. Therefore, enhancing the sales & marketing force to gain market coverage at competitive edge is inevitable for the growth of every business.

The bootcamp aims to focus on developing innovative mindset for the organization’s sales & marketing team. Our program allows to build sales & marketing skills across every stage of the organization’s process. The bootcamp will provide a standardized set of skills to make an analysis of customer needs, presentation and explanation of products with proven techniques of persuasion, answering possible objections, negotiations and customer service that lead sustainable change in sales & marketing behavior. It is designed with an innovative set of modules that provides transformation across the entire sales & marketing cycle of the organization as well as improvement in quality and volume of sales.



Clock b Business Innovations is a developer of an environment where innovators, entrepreneurs and organizations can thrive. Our support systems are designed with conviction and wisdom so as to allow the entrepreneurs, innovations and organization to multiply the impact of their ideas. We manage the leaders; we connect the leaders; we invest in the leaders; we mentor the leaders and we feed the leaders.

Clock b Business Innovations is a developer of an environment where innovators and entrepreneurs thrive. Our support systems are designed with conviction and wisdom so as to allow the entrepreneurs and innovators to multiply the impact of their ideas. We manage the leaders; we market the leaders; we connect the leaders; we invest in the leaders; we mentor the leaders and we feed the leaders.

Areas of Focus

  • Business Support – Facilitating entrepreneurs and innovators
  • Market Connectivity – Connecting the market stakeholders
  • Reverse Innovation – Taking Nepalese ideas to the world



Sales & marketing is the primary function of a venture which defines the existence and future of the business. It is pivotal to improve the sales & marketing performance of the team by guiding, informing, training and monitoring them to improve their ability to sell products or services.

Sales & Marketing Ideation Bootcamp is focused on improving the performance of the organization and the sales & marketing team’s effectiveness as well as efficiency. The program helps increase productivity, streamlines sales & marketing processes and drives desired sales behaviors to achieve the best results. It includes components for goal setting and planning, feedback, skill development and performance review.

This is a unique experience unlike any other bootcamp or trainings. Our program is entirely focused on sales & marketing which includes a set of personal development skills and techniques which will create and explore new market opportunities.



Sales & marketing ideation bootcamp is designed for anyone looking to pursue a career in the area of Sales & Marketing or looking to master ways to communicate with the customers to increase sales. This ideation bootcamp will help participants develop innovative ways to solve problems and design process related to sales & marketing.

We strive to ensure that the participants can make an impact in their work life from the day one after attending this bootcamp.  Our bootcamp is not only about lectures; it is designed to enable and empower the participant which includes a set of different exercises, simulations, creative metaphors, assignments and participative dialogues. Our framework and techniques provided at the bootcamp can be implied right away in the work scenario of sales & marketing professionals.

The participants will be guided, instructed, and accompanied by highly qualified trainers to ensure that they get best contents, learn best styles and explore new ways to solve sales and marketing problems.



The bootcamp will help the participants to:

  • Identify best sales & marketing practices
  • Position with better prospects with better pay
  • Better work practices and productivity improvement
  • Enhance self-efficiency and self management skills
  • Focus discipline, confidence and desire to achieve and better
  • Better understanding the techniques of marketing and closing sales
  • Develop mindset for design thinking and innovation
  • Evaluating and measuring sales & marketing performance
  • Develop an innovative sales & marketing work culture



  • Get quick understanding of sales & marketing techniques, knowledge and skills
  • Intensely focused program to upscale participants’ skill on what they will need to be successful professionals in the market
  • Ideal platform for entrepreneurs, business enthusiasts and market professionals to learn the most essential tools, techniques, processes and strategies to deliver projected sales & marketing results
  • To set priorities for resolving a problem
  • To flourish an innovative working culture
  • To understand the techniques and strategies of persuading the potential customers in each step of sales & marketing process with improved communication skills
  • To develop a highly practical, structured and organized method for harnessing the sales & marketing mindset



The total investment for this training will be NRS 14000 per participant



Training Date: 27th and 28th March 2019

Venue: Balthali Village Resort, Balthali-4, Kavrepalanchowk

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