5 Similarities between MUSIC and BUSINESS

Okay folks, if you are running a business and you love music then it’s time to gear up because we are about to go musical. I hope that you guys love what you do. After all, you guys are planning to make fortunes out of your businesses, right? So, I hope that works wonder for you. Anyways, I understand that you are now into business and can’t envision yourself doing anything else other than business. But have you never thought about being a musician? Seriously, have you never thought about how awesome it would have been to be a well known musical sensation? Albums, fans, autographs, money, fame, wow, the list just goes on and on.


Wait, my intentions are neither to brainwash you nor to divert you from your careers. After all, without you the music industry is still doing great. So I guess we will have to settle for fantasizing for now. With that being said, two things we cannot overlook are that our love for music has never settled down and our love for our business should never settle down. So, you might wonder how your love for music can help you in your business today. For that, let us assess what it is about music that makes it so flawless, and then look at how that can help us today in our business.


Okay, that leaves us with quite a task in our hands. So, let us break this down together.

Shall we?

  • Your love and passion: I don’t need to tell you, how much you love music. In my case, I was born with it. And as I grew up our friendship continued to remain hale and hearty. We all love music and can’t live without it. So, let us now turn our attention to what we are doing. If you don’t love your business, then my friend I am afraid you are simply traveling by the wrong road. As a businessman, you should love your business and have a passion for it. And as time grows your relationship with your business should only grow hale and hearty. After all, it’s the love and passion that brings the best out of any man.


  • You can play the guitar without knowing how to: Okay, this one is for start-ups, and let me clear my statement here, as much as it is true that you can play the guitar without knowing how to, but ask yourself who would really like to hear that disturbing sound. Would you if I play that way? I knew your answer would be, “no”. We would all love to play guitar but for that, first, we need to learn how to. Similarly, as much as it is captivating to do business and start life as an entrepreneur, first you should learn everything associated with doing business. You should learn if your product fits the markets’ interest, learn about the market you are planning to enter, analyze the risks and challenges associated with doing the business and most importantly develop strategies and plan to assure your results.


  • It’s about the great combination: Ask yourselves, what makes your favorite band so great. Is it the guy in the guitar or the one in the drums or the guy who is singing, I doubt you will have an answer. It is because in truth it is the combination of all that makes their music so great. In business, we do have a lot of important elements that make the business great. Your business is not simply about your ideas. It is about your relationships, marketing, strategies, networking, creativeness and every single element of your business. You need to continually work on creating a fine balance of all these elements to accomplish something meaningful.


  • It’s about originality: Great music artists are known for their originality. Beatles, Jimi Hendrix or Pink Floyd we all distinctly can identify their songs once the music plays. It’s because their innovative music uniquely separates them from the millions of artists around the world. Similarly, every business should be able to muster its ideas and concepts to create original and innovative products/services. That is one easy way to separate yourself from your competitors in the market. If you continue pressing yourself hard to instill creativity and originality in your products/services that meet the interest of the market than your business’s future is safe and protected.


  • It’s all about the right note at the right time: If you are playing music and hit the right note at the wrong time, then the output isn’t that pleasant. But if you can strike the right note at the right time than the sound it makes is truly magical. Greatest of artists never miss a beat, they are just so good at striking the right note at the right time, after all that’s why we call them greatest, right? As true as it is that business is about innovative ideas, products, concepts and strategies it just needs to be built and executed at the right time. Timing is everything in business. You could have an amazing product but what if there is nobody in the market who needs your product. Who are you going to sell it to? You also need to understand when it is just the right time to enter the market. Kodak never knew that they invented the first digital camera in 1975 but never really figured out if it was the right time for that product and just scrapped the idea of launching it. Sony, however, created its prototype and revolutionized the world of photography. So, it’s about the right time for you to consider if the timing of your business is right. I for sure know you have done that and if not, what are you waiting for! Do your research.


Well now then, we have uncovered five amazing things that craft the flawlessness of music and how we could use that learning to make our business great. From here on in, I hope you work as a musical artist for your company and build an enterprise with love, passion, originality, knowledge, a great combination and most importantly of all build concepts, plans or strategies at the right time.

Remember, “Your business is your music. Play it strategically and make it flawless.”


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Contributor: Bimarsh Neupane

Edited by Clock b Business Innovations