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Startup Huddle Kathmandu

ABOUT STARTUP HUDDLE KATHMANDU Startup Huddle Kathmandu is a monthly educational program that gives local startups the opportunity to give a six-minute presentation and engage in 20 minutes of Q&A with a room full of their peers, mentors, service providers and potential investors. Startup Huddle…

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Women Entrepreneurship in Nepal Entrepreneurs, as we define them are problem solvers. They see challenges through an opportunistic perspective and make monetary benefit out of it. Entrepreneurs are globally designing solutions that are making the world a better place to live in. Most of these…

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Skill Share

Start Date & Time : 2020-06-02 15:00:00  
Venue : Virtual Meetup on Zoom.us

Virtual Event | Via Zoom App Background Before we start with the background of Skill Share, let’s quickly ask two questions to ourselves: What is it that you are good at? Is it important? What is it you are not good at? Is it not important? In this ever-evolving…

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Investment Circle

Start Date & Time : 2019-11-16 15:00:00  
Venue : Radisson Hotel, Lazimpat, Kathmandu

  BACKGROUND No one would deny the fact that in today’s times financial wellbeing is as important as mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. So, understanding to secure and manage financial wellbeing has become one of the most critical parts of everyone’s life. While we continually…

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Sales & Marketing Ideation Bootcamp

BACKGROUND INFORMATION Sales & Marketing Ideation Bootcamp is a 2-day intensive and innovative program that provides individuals of different backgrounds with the opportunity to explore, generate, develop and evaluate ideas related to business ventures, sales and marketing. The bootcamp empowers the participants to improve their…

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Connect [IN] – 2nd International Entrepreneurship Conclave

Background The recent years has seen an epic rise in the number of youths interested in the area of entrepreneurship. Throughout the globe, great minds are ideating concepts that are leading the humanity to evolve. The Nepalese and Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem is at its prime.…

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Entrepreneur Coffee Club

Entrepreneurs’ Coffee Club Are you an entrepreneur? Do you have an interest in entrepreneurship and innovation? Do you want to connect with entrepreneurs and innovators? And have fun? Then… Join us at Entrepreneurs’ Coffee Club!!! An open platform looking to connect great entrepreneurial minds together!!!…

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X-Preneur is a free event tailored for business aspirants and aspiring entrepreneurs, primarily designed to act as a platform where you get to interact with rising entrepreneurs of the market and vice versa; resulting in stronger, interactive and knowledgeable market community. Clock b is facilitating…

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Meet Investors @Breakfast

Background Every new market problem creates a market opportunity for start-ups; which in turn creates an opportunity for investors to meet such credible concepts. It is only with the collaboration of concept designers with investors, the idea actually takes birth and witnesses much needed market…

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Innovation IDs – Idea Designing Summit

What is Innovation IDs? Every market built is unique and inimitable. A market is a collection of unique individuals, businesses and industry. So for any unique market to excel and succeed; there has to be injection of innovation and creativity. Similarly, Nepalese market is distinct…

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Business Networking Hours

Background Clock b Business Innovations concentrates on the mantra of working ‘For the Better Market’ and it well understands the need of collaboration and networking. Nepalese market remains interesting, creative yet fragile and is vulnerable to external climates. In order for the market to develop,…

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