Connect [IN] – 3rd International Entrepreneurship Conclave


Today, the Nepalese entrepreneurial ecosystem is vibrant and full of entrepreneurial enthusiasts who are designing innovative solutions that are creating social, economic, and environmental impacts. Similarly in India, startups and entrepreneurs have started to make global impacts and are immensely contributing to the Indian economy. Whether it is in the area of technology, e-commerce, travel, or agriculture, both Nepalese and Indian startups are designing and implementing matchless innovative ideas. As these startups are trying to make footprints in various business sectors, it has become important to connect them with budding entrepreneurs from other countries and various players of the startup ecosystem. If connected together, these startup ideas have the potential to make even larger impacts in the lives of the people of Nepal and India. But for these ideas to truly make that impact, there is a need for serious support systems. These great leadership minds of the two countries need to be invested in and connected to the support system actors. There are certain states and cities like Kolkata, Bengaluru, Lucknow, and Kathmandu that have become entrepreneurship hubs are creating enabling environments where startups are thriving. It is important to promote exchange between such entrepreneurship hubs of India and Nepal so that it could strengthen the startup climate of both nations.

On 24 March 2018, Clock b Business Innovations and Embassy of India introduced a never-before matchless platform; Connect[IN] – International Entrepreneurship Conclave, with an intent to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and startup in Nepal and India. The second edition of the conclave was organized on 19 January 2019. In the 2 years of the program, it has brought together over 1100 Nepalese and Indian startups, entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, aspiring youths, experts, high-ranking Nepali and Indian government officials, and representatives from media, together in one platform to discuss collaboration and share experiences. The program has also welcomed 25+ prominent speakers, incubated 45+ startups/ideas, and collaborated with 20+ partners, who have contributed to making Connect[IN], the liveliest entrepreneurship celebration event of Nepal and India.


Connect [IN] – 3rd International Entrepreneurship Conclave

Keeping the same fervor, Clock b Business Innovations and Embassy of India are co-organizing the third edition of Connect[IN] – 3rd International Entrepreneurship Conclave, a platform that focuses on supporting the young entrepreneurial community of Nepal and India and creating an idea exchange platform for entrepreneurs and startups of both nations. This conclave promotes the young entrepreneurs to connect with investors and venture capitalists, discuss with the entrepreneurial ecosystem actors, and network with fellow entrepreneurs from India.

Connect[IN] is a prime platform for many attendees to draw inspiration from Nepali and Indian entrepreneurs who will share how they dared to take on the challenges and grow through adversities in their entrepreneurial journeys. This event will celebrate stories about passion, hard work, and a commitment to fight the odds, especially during the start of any entrepreneurial journey. The conclave will also share underlying market challenges and entrepreneurial context. Additionally, the event will also provide opportunities to Nepalese and Indian entrepreneurs to showcase their business or startups ideas. Any investors, businesses, or wantrepreneurs can discuss live partnerships, investments, and franchising opportunities with the showcasing startups.

Connect[IN] at its core is designed to celebrate the spirit of entrepreneurship and facilitate collaboration possibilities.


Reasons to Attend

This event is a platform:

  • To meet with great entrepreneurial minds of Nepal & India
  • To build professional connections with startups, entrepreneurs, and business persons
  • To interact with media, investors, mentors, and other important support system actors
  • For speed networking
  • To promote your concepts, business, products, services, or even yourselves
  • To meet celebrated entrepreneurs and listen to their inspiring stories
  • To meet your networking needs



This conference is primarily designed for Startups & Entrepreneurs from India and Nepal.

This event will also be attended by important support system actors such as Investors; Marketers; Lawyers; Auditors; Government; Universities/Colleges; Mentors; Advisors; Corporate Leaders; Incubators/Accelerators; Development Partners; Business Enthusiasts.


Key Sessions/Highlights

We have crafted most sessions in this event by ourselves. Clock b works for testing new ideas, we recommend you to come to visit the event to know why this event is matchless. Meanwhile, let’s explore the highlight sessions of the event:

Live! Dialogue

Share your queries and discuss with the important stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Nepal & India. Get the best advice and live suggestions about queries related to entrepreneurship, startups & innovation from academicians, investors, media persons and entrepreneurs.

Pitch FM

Startups make their five-minute investment pitch in front of investors and venture capitalists, accelerators, and incubators of Nepal & India.

Startup Stories

This session is dedicated to those who rose above the odds and made a significant contribution to the social and economic development of Nepal and India as Startups/Entrepreneurs. This session is a celebration of passion, creation, and success.

Startup Experience Store

A new addition to Connect[IN] initiative, Startup Experience Store is a platform within the program where the startups from both Nepal and India will showcase their business. Live partnerships, investment, franchising, and collaboration opportunities will be facilitated and discussed.

Connect[IN] Ideathon

A new addition to Connect[IN] initiative, Connect[IN] Hackathon is a week-long pre-event program that focuses on involving students, tech enthusiasts, and wantrepreneurs. This part of the program brings together the businesses and corporates with the students, tech enthusiasts, and wantrepreneurs, who will receive a challenge from the businesses and corporate companies. The participants will then work on ideating solutions for the shared problem, in a hackathon-mode workshop.

Panel Discussion

This session is dedicated to the discussions related to social entrepreneurship and its impact in both countries. There will be speakers from India and Nepal who are working in the field of social entrepreneurship to address the need for social entrepreneurship and also it’s future.



Connect[IN] Pre Activities Starts from 19th December 2021

Connect[IN] Finale: 5th February 2021



Kathmandu, Nepal



Registration starts from 24th December 2021. Participants can register online. Since there is limited no. of seats available, registration will be on the basis of first come first serve.

You could either contact Clock B Business Innovations at 01- 4526267/8 or drop an e-mail at

Application URL:

Note: To make the investment pitch at the event, startups and entrepreneurs would need to submit their company profile to the organizing committee. Then the panel of jury will select the finest startups to make the investment pitch at the event.

Besides the startups and entrepreneurs, all other attendees will be invited according to their roles in the entrepreneurial ecosystem of Nepal.


For Sponsorship or Partnership

To know about sponsorship levels, price, and benefits, or to talk about partnership opportunities you could either contact Clock b Business Innovations at 9851213403 or 01-4526267/8 or drop in an email at


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