It is internet time for Businesses of Nepal

Call it a platform, a service or simply a communicating tool; the internet has connected us to the global world. It is one of the biggest revolutions in the history of technology. If I were to make an assumption, then it must be an idea of connectedness which gave birth to the internet. The Internet has revolutionized the system of doing business on both the local and global levels. The Internet today acts as a bridge between the service seeker and service provider, where both parties can meet their required desire and demand. Today a firm relies heavily on this technology for numerous motives such as data collection, communication, lead generation, marketing, sales, online booking, and similarly many other aspects of the business; in short, the internet is important to businesses everywhere and to everyone. We can simply say that the internet has made our opportunities bigger and organizations should start their plans to live with this technology.


The effect of the internet on modern businesses and corporations is colossal and it is defining the future of every business. Think about Google, Amazon or E-bay, these companies have achieved what they have today, mostly due to the Internet. Even in a country like Nepal where only 63% of the total population (2017) are using the internet, businesses have started to rely heavily on this technology. From a small retail store to a large hospitality provider, enterprises are now adapting to this technology and starting to use it as the main tool to promote their business. As technology becomes more accessible and inexpensive we can expect its usage to grow more than ever.


Let’s switch gears and try to justify these points by quickly looking at one small tool created on the platform of the internet, “online booking system” and the level of impact it has had on the hospitality and tourism industry. The online booking system has become one of the most effective and popular tools adopted by the travel and hospitality industry to connect with the global audience. The system has become a high-performance business instrument for delivering quick bookings/services to end clients and has also simplified yet established the great network between the business agents who use these online reservation systems. For Customers, it allows them to make reservations or bookings from the websites directly or through social media channels, which is easing their travel problems thus gaining huge popularity. Booking digitally through software saves a lot of time and beyond that, it provides enough information about the service before the user makes the final decision. For Businesses, it has given an exciting edge for selling services and filling events.


There will always be some people who prefer the traditional system of booking, but online booking systems mean that the customers can reserve their required service/s anytime and anywhere. At the other end of the spectrum, businesses can offer services at any time of the day, not only relying on their opening hours. From reservation to payment, the ease of process through this system for both customers and business is “wonderful”. The online reservation is as effortless as it gets, with the action being performed simply by the touch of the button or click of the mouse, the process gets completed in a matter of minutes. This is merely one example from one industry; the number of new innovations on the internet would surprise you to your limits.


Business is changing, from the traditional “Brick and Mortar” business model to the “Online” business model, businesses are slowly making this transition. And if we were to successfully make a transition during this era, we have to make the most of the power, so widely known as the “Internet”. In Nepal, there are more than 16.67 million people who have access to the internet, and numbers are ever-growing. It is time for companies of Nepal to use the internet according to their own business’s requirements and start making their presence felt online. As adaptability is the key to survival and considering the effect the internet is having in the entire world, the internet should be the last technology they should neglect. What we, Clock b Business Innovations, suggest is rather than neglecting this change, adapt to it and make the most out of the opportunities that the Internet has created.


Contributor: Bipin Devkota

Edited by Clock b Business Innovations