Freelancer Diaries


Freelance is the emerging concept in Nepal as most of the people wish to pursue their career of their interest and live their passion. The idea of being your own boss has made the concept more popular in today’s market. The associated benefits that come along with freelancer is the reason why most people choose to work as a freelancer.

Despite many benefits, freelancers are always prone to some sorts of challenges. The concept of freelancer is not clear in Nepalese community itself. It is not easy for freelancer to work with a sense of taking overall responsibility. In course of working as a freelancer, they encounter different issues related to trust, work ethics, time zone difference and many more. Even greater challenge exists in identifying the actual value of freelancer. The concept of freelancing, being hot cake in today’s context, needs the market attention so that we could start circle of trust, help and advice.


Freelancer Diaries

Clock b Business Innovations believes in promoting Nepalese businesses and Nepalese market. Accordingly, we are committed to deliver lasting value for the better market. Freelancer Diaries is our initiation for helping freelancers who have that passion  pursue their career of  interest as a side job and deliver something of value  to the market, as a freelancer. We intend to achieve; addressing the market hurdles that they are bound to face in course of pursuing career as freelancer.

Clock b Business Innovations’ Freelancer Diaries is an expressly designed free networking event tailored for freelancers to help them create an invaluable professional circle. Starting as your own boss has its sets of challenges. In this event we understand challenges faced by the freelancers in Nepal and build together ideas for its solutions.