Entrepreneur Psychology


Entrepreneurship is not just about establishing a business of your dream nor it is about coming up with great ideas; it is more about turning the idea into a profit which caters to the interest of the entrepreneur, society and the market.

For an entrepreneur, there is always a challenge of choosing the right models to cater those interests with consideration of the ever changing market scenario. In course of blending the adequate expertise from the market, business is always prone to complexities. These complexities may lead an entrepreneur to be psychologically disturbed. A success of an entrepreneur and an enterprise heavily relies on proper mindsets of the entrepreneur and employee so, any psychological disturbances that may arise needs to be rightly addressed. Then when it comes to managing psychological aspect; managing stress, managing work life and personal life, time management, maintaining self-confidence and focus; are major challenges which needs to accordingly addressed.


Entrepreneur Psychology

Clock b Business Innovations believes in promoting Nepalese businesses and Nepalese entrepreneurs. Accordingly, we are committed to deliver lasting value for the better market. Entrepreneur Psychology is our initiation for helping entrepreneurs who have that passion to live their dream and drive them towards positivity. We intend to achieve that by uplifting their thinking capabilities to conjure psychological and market hurdles that they are bound to face. The three sessions of the event would help attendees to learn the art of stress management, get rid of depression, strengthen the art of focusing, and assist in idea generation. The complete 3 Friday Sessions revolves around grooming the entrepreneurs with these skills which portrays a pivotal role for success of any entrepreneur.

Associating Partner

Clock b Business Innovations is associating with Bouddha Inn Meditation Center to blend expertise of two unique institutions in delivering an upgraded value to the entrepreneur group of Nepal.