Networking opportunities for startups, entrepreneurs and business enthusiasts

A second edition of ‘Meet Investors @Breakfast’ is set to be organized on August 20 from 9 am to 12 pm. The event, last year, was successful in bringing startups, entrepreneurs and business enthusiast together and helped them either start or scale up their initiative. To participate in the event, business representatives would have to go through extensive selection process, which will be conducted on Maan Nam Multi-Cuisine Restaurant and Lounge Bar in Padma Marg, Bhatbhateni.

As the name of the event suggests, it will be conducted over breakfast. It will start with individual business representatives pitching their business ideas, market motives, investment purpose and possible challenges. The second half of the event will see investors–business veterans of Nepal–giving feedback to the attendees’ business models and ideas.

According to the press statement released by organizer of the event Clock B Business Innovations, the event aims at providing young investors a platform to explore investment opportunities. The event will provide a platform for business starters to build market relationships, learn from powerful investors and accomplished business tycoons, and find possible mentors, with who they could collaborate to generate market-fitting Ideas.

Clock B Business Innovations believes that start-ups — whose ideas if tailored to build, manage and grow — can take up the front scene in Nepali market. ‘Meet Investors @Breakfast’, initiated last year, brings 12 company representatives together to discuss about possibilities of tying up with major investors in Nepal.