Skill Share to discuss business skills and ideas every month

Kathmandu, February 1

Clock b Business Innovations says it will hos a monthly event titled Skill Share to share and learn different skills and ideas related to business and entrepreneurship.

The first session of the event was held in Kathmandu on Wednesday in collaboration with Daaqi Pvt Ltd. As many as 40 people participated at the event.

On the occasion, Prisma Advertising CEO Ranjit Acharya made a presentation on ‘Entrepreneurial Mindset’ and talked about entrepreneurial challenges, ways to produce best-selling products and services as well as the importance of three golden circles of ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ in a business.

It was followed by an interaction session with Neeraj Pradhan, Director of Corporate Strategy for Commonwealth Joe Coffee Roasters in Virginia, USA.

They discussed points of competitive advantage for a successful entrepreneurship. The event also included a question and answer session in which audience put forward their queries about entrepreneurship and the way forward.