Why Join the Investment Circle?


World Economic Forum reported that 82% of the wealth that was created (14 Trillion USD) in the year 2018 went to the top 1% of people while the poorest half got nothing. There are reports that claim there is a rising difference in income of the people which is seeding economic disparities. This situation is definitely account-worthy but equally important is to reflect why are some people earning rich benefits and wealth with their actions while some are keeping it hard to even survive.


American businessman Mr. Robert G. Allen once quoted, “How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in a savings account? I rest my case.”


Though Mr. Allen died 56 years ago, his statement still holds the truth about being wealthy today. Rarely do you meet a person who has grown wealthy by savings or salary. Then what is the mantra of getting rich or creating wealth? The answer: INVESTMENT.


But you may argue, it is a very well-known idea to all that you get rich through investment. Everybody knows about it. Yes, that is true everybody knows about investment today. Thanks to platforms like, Investopedia and Forbes, investment knowledge and information are accessible to everyone who is connected to the internet. But still, most people don’t really invest. Why? Fear of loss and Ignorance.


We all understand how difficult it is to earn, and investing that money which you have acquired through continuous learning, effort, and hard work, may not be an easy decision. After all, you need to have the right information about the investment opportunities, trust the source of the information, have investment managing skills and be in-and-around the right networks.




Investment Circle is an initiation designed to support everyone seeking to invest and grow their wealth. It is for those who have a keen interest in investments and are looking for first-hand information, the right network who they can trust and of course, return on their investments.


Investment Circle is a community-creating initiative designed for all the people who are willing to invest, connect, and be part of the larger community of investors.


Primarily, Investment Circle makes 3 Core Promises:


  1. Investment Information: Scout and share first-hand investment opportunities’ information (real estate, business investments, shares, commodities) to its members
  2. Money Network: Create a rich-money network and facilitate business relationships between all its members
  3. Return on Investment: Grow investors (partners) wealth by generating high-returns on investments


Just like in any good community, Investment Circle is about sharing, connecting and growing together. Having information about the investment options whether it is related to share market, real estate properties, privately owned businesses or commodities is the most important necessity for investing. Similarly, having a network that shares, invests in each other and distributes optimism is equally important. Not to mention the higher the return on investment the better the investment decision. Investment Circle is built-up with these three promises and intends to deliver it through its events and community interaction programs.


If you are interested in joining a circle of investors and improve your chances of maximizing your wealth, then do join the investment circle events. At the event you can know in detail about the Investment Circle, learn the benefits, interact with fellow investors, get information about lucrative investment deals and finally, you will be able to join the Investment Circle.


So what do you think? Do you want to create wealth? Do you want to join the Investment Circle?


Visit www.events.clockb.com to know the upcoming dates for the next Investment Circle event or contact Clock b Business Innovations at 01-4426267/8.


We will see you inside the Circle!


About the Investment Circle Host


Clock b Business Innovations is an institution that provides Innovation and Enterprise support services. Clock b concentrates to establish enduring relationships with startups, new ventures, investors, entrepreneurs, leading organizations and corporates; and serve them with innovation, management, investment, technology, and networking solutions. Clock b’s support services cater to the interests of organizations/ventures of different capital structure, size, age, geography, segment or industry. Whether you are a startup, investor, enterprise, association, donor institution or not-for-profit institution, we offer unique professional organizational support services that specifically fits your need and solves your problem.


One of the specialized Clock b units is Business Capital which is an investment unit dedicated to leveraging the growth of its limited partner’s capital. We select and work with individuals and firms that are fully invested in contributing to the overall economic growth. Our strategic style of work guarantees the safety and security of our limited partners’ investments.


In every company that we invest in, we bring together our unmatched management experience and networks into the play to assure that our partnership creates a growing opportunity for the investee firm. The amount that we invest on behalf of our limited partners fuels the development of companies and communities. Our key stance is to unlock values that could propel economic growth.


Till date, Clock b has organized 250+ events, training and seminars; 5 annual conclaves; incubated 120+ startups; 10 innovation-driven programs; collaborated with 100+ investors; invested in 10 diversified industry companies; 12 partnerships with colleges; designed innovation course; 5000+ community partners/members; and collaborated with Global Entrepreneurs Network, Embassy of India, European Union, Government of Nepal, Assortis Belgium, Work Together Foundation – South Korea, FNCCI, Franchise India and more globally celebrated organizations.