Our Story | Clock b Business Innovations


The name, Clock b Business Innovations, was coined with a firm belief that with a proper exploration and experimentation it is always a possibility that we can discover new ways of doing in business that is much more unique, simple, timely and reliable. In simple terms; in every business situation there is a hidden ‘Option: b’ which we together with businesses are willing to uncover.


Clock b Business Innovations rolled out its market journey in November 16, 2014 with its two fundamental purposes; 1) Supporting entrepreneurs, innovators, and organizational leaders, 2) Democratizing wealth creating opportunities. In its first year Clock b teamed up with international partner like Work Together Foundation to support social enterprises of Nepal. During the entire period of 2015, Clock b established more key international partnerships to support local entrepreneurs and train SMEs.


After 18 months of its operations, on June 29, 2016 Clock b successfully organized, Business Networking Hours program, (the largest business conference in Nepal) to connect the market ecosystem actors. In the same year, Clock b introduced numerous first-time ever programs in Nepal like Monday Morning Coffee Queries (MMCQ) and Innovation IDs to connect the market dots of Nepal. Clock b, still to this date maintains its core area of focus to connect the market actors within the national and international market.


In 2017, Clock b started to work closely with local government, embassies, international institutions, corporate groups, veteran entrepreneurs and local enterprises to facilitate business connectivity. This led to one of the flagship initiation, Connect[IN], a program which serves as a platform to connect the economic leaders of Nepal and India. This initiation enables Clock b to scout entrepreneurial talents from all parts of Nepal and connect it to the large Indian business establishments like TATA, Oyo Rooms, Entrepreneurs and more.


Today, Clock b primarily focuses its work in the areas of Entrepreneurship, Startup & Innovation. Besides its flagship networking initiatives and venture ideation programs, Clock b has mentored, incubated and supported 5000+ students, startups & entrepreneurs. Clock b has also made venture investments in 10 Brands whereas it has also facilitated investor-investee discussions where more than 100 accredited investors have negotiated with 500+ startup ideas. During this period of facilitating collaborations between investors and investees, Clock b understood the need of alternative investments and the necessity of engaging more investors to learn and work with businesses, which can be pivotal if businesses are to scale. And with this understanding on November 16, 2019 Clock b initiated an investors community, Investment Circle, which prioritizes in investing in businesses and new ventures. Investment Circle also is built with a purpose to connect the investors around the world and facilitate investments in businesses that can truly create impact.


Furthermore, Clock b has opened Innovation Warehouses and runs venture ideation programs at different localities and through it continues to impart entrepreneurial & innovative abilities to business enthusiasts. This studio like platform brings the business enthusiasts together to create solutions that can solve the most-pressing issues of the society, economy and the world.


At the other end of the economic spectrum, Clock b offers its management expertise and technological expertise to businesses, government institutions and international organizations. With its innovative approach and style of work, Clock b Business Innovations has cultivated a trusted relationship to offer its services/ partner with world class institutions like; World Together Foundation – Korea, Adam Smith International – UK, Entrepreneur Magazine, Assortis Belgium, FNCCI Nepal, European Union, Embassy of India, Franchise India, Government of Nepal and more.


Within just 5 years, Clock b has established itself as the prominent market leader, particularly in the areas of entrepreneurship, startup & innovation. As we continue to pen more future defining chapters, Clock b is blessed to be a part of the Global community of Entrepreneurs and Innovators.


Our Core Areas of Focus

  1. Business Support – Facilitating entrepreneurs and innovators
  2. Market Connectivity – Connecting the market stakeholders
  3. Reverse Innovation – Taking Nepalese ideas to the world