Our Brands


Qlodu, is a Concept to democratize style and to Make Fashion an Affordable Joy. With Qlodu’s High Quality Designer Workwears, Footwears, Eyewears and Accessories, it is now time for both Men and Women to love Shopping for Fashion.

Website : www.qlodu.com

Email : info@qlodu.com

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Foodloq is a Respect of that Love for the Local Food. We bring in New addition, Introduce new Varieties and Styles to our Local Food Items.

Website : www.foodloq.com

Email : info@foodloq.com

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Designed as a logistical idea, Daaqi’s vision was seen through the eyes of the Himalayas. We remain determined to touch the heart of World through our unmatched customer service, sincerity and utmost dedication.

Website : www.daaqi.com

Email : info@daaqi.com

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HomeYug is an idea where people can choose all the best advice, finest materials and enjoy every bit of support to make your dream homes, real.

Website : www.homeyug.com

Email : info@homeyug.com

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Yay Holidays

Get your holidays crafted to perfection and excellence; feel rejoiced and refreshed; never cap your desire on holidays. Simply say, “Yay” to holidays.

Website : www.yayholidays.com

Email : info@yayholidays.com

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Kaffe Codes

If ever anyone Craved for an Authentic Taste of Coffee and Wanted to Place Themselves in a Systematized Cafe Environment; Then they Have to be at Kaffe Codes.

Website : www.kaffecodes.com

Email : info@kaffecodes.com

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You Can Trust Us ! THE MEDIA DOES

National & International Top Media Channels Have Highlighted Our Work

More than 25 Major Nepalese & International Media Channels, Including Newspaper, TV, Radio and Online News Channel have recognized our Work.

TV Channels

Nepal’s Leading TV Channel – Kantipur TV and only Business TV – BTV, have recognized us.


India Times, Economic Times, Indian Express, Kantipur and other major newspapers have published our work.


We have been on Radio. Most notably on Kantipur FM.

Online News

Entrepreneur, Deccan Chronicle, Online Khabar and all major e-news portal have continually recognized us.