5 amazing tips to get started in Social Media

Today if people were to be asked about their most preferred communicating tool, one unanimous reply would definitely be the “Social Media”. That is the kind of impact social media has had on the world. Leading social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn have contributed immensely to creating this “era of social media”. In Nepal alone, there are more than 5 million active Facebook users out of which nearly 4 million are based in Kathmandu. This might be an astounding data for some, but considering the impact, social media has had over all of our lives, the results are justifiable. Now the question that looms is, having this amount of audience within your reach, how do businesses actually cash this invaluable opportunity? While it is well understood by businesses in Nepal today that social media is immensely powerful, only a few have succeeded in using this power to their advantage. A lot of businesses have started but failed, so how should we take the measured steps in social media to make our strategy count.


Here are the top 5 tips:

  1. Create “Great and Engaging” contents :

Content is king, it is the new recipe for successful marketing. It is even more important when you are doing it for Social Media. Right contents driven to your audience can work like a magic wand. That is the top reason you need a genuine content writer.  Does your customer understand what you are writing? Are you using images/picture that is suitable to your writing? Are you writing what your customer wants to read? All these questions must be answered to design great content. It drives audience engagement with the company and develops an interest in its products. Content writing is an art, and if you haven’t mastered this art than you could always use help and hire a content writer.


  1. Promote your product with Info-graphic:

Everyone loves information with numbers. So if your business can provide any stats and information about your product than audiences are more likely to get interested in your company. Info-graphic attracts people’s attention more than a textual article. According to research, “An info-graphic is 30 times more likely to be read than a purely textual article”. This is how powerful a tool it can be for your business.  It is the best way to deliver your message quickly. It helps your content to go viral which ultimately will increase your page/website activities.


  1. Use of high quality or creative photographs:

The cover pages of leading magazines are always attractive. Even if you aren’t an interested reader of that genre, cover pages tempt you to buy it. While most of the photographs in magazine cover pages are of high quality taken by expensive cameras, to be creative you don’t necessarily need an expensive camera. You can click creative images on your mobile phone or your digital camera. It basically depends on your level of imagination. Or you can use the help of a professional photographer to add quality and creativity to the photographs. Using high quality and creativity photography on Facebook or other social media sites will help increase engagement. People generally are willing to share creative photographs, so if your photographs are shared then more audience would know about your brand.


  1. Make exclusive or irresistible offers:

This is key to achieving customer engagement for most enterprises. Everyone likes to get offers for the services or products they are willing to buy. Put in an irresistible offer to your customers exclusively through your social media channels to drive people to your store or website. Offers are loved all around so make the most of it. Offers could be in form of a discount that you can pledge to your social media followers or in the form of a contest where the winner would be entitled to get some lucrative prizes like cash or product.


  1. Measure your results with social media:

Keep yourself updated with results, analyze it and make plans accordingly. Social media can be the best platform to help track your business reputation, record perception of stakeholders and manage relationships. As a business, you should record anything that relates to your business and about your customers. Record the data generated and use it wisely for your plan.


Clock b Business Innovations hopes that these tips will help your business to grow on social media and reaps the right result for your business. But we understand that it might not be that easy feat to achieve. So, if you are seeking social media help and support do contact us.


Contributor: Nischal Acharya

Edited by Clock b Business Innovations

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