Slowing business? You’re not alone!

Has the pandemic seen you and your business down? Does it feel like your business is moving at a snail’s pace and everything seemingly slowing down? Are you demotivated because of all the steps backward your business had to take because of the pandemic and all the losses you had to bear? While these are all serious and upsetting issues to tackle, if it is any consolation, you are not alone. The pandemic has disrupted millions of businesses and jobs across the globe, and if you have not completely shut down then you are actually doing better than most! Here are a few ways in which businesses are slowing down thanks to pandemic:


Halt in service requirement: The biggest factor slowing down many businesses are a complete halt in the requirement for the service that they provide. For e.g. cafes, pubs, restaurants, clubs, had to shut down completely following lockdowns, as people were staying home and avoiding eating. Similar is true for travel businesses, which is also the sector to have suffered one of the highest losses. Your business might have also slowed down if your services were not required during the pandemic and the lockdown.


Unresponsive clients and customers: Due to lockdown and slowing down of service requirements, maybe your clients and customers are unresponsive. This might again be because of the lack of requirement of the service, or maybe your clients and customers are at a loss themselves. While you might be frustrated with this, this problem is reportedly faced by businesses across the globe. Physical engagement with customers is completely barred, which actually makes marketing very challenging at the moment.


Shift to digital platforms: Due to staying home restrictions and physical distancing, businesses had to swiftly change many of their services and component to digital avenues. Whether it be virtual stores, marketing, or transaction. As such, changing your platform might have had a lot to do with slowing down before the digital platform was up and running. Or you might still have not done it to date, which can take your customers away to other digital venues. If you already have a digital platform it might be a very challenging task to keep your platform engaging for long, especially when you cannot rely on your physical store and physical marketing presence anymore.


Demotivation: The pandemic has left people feeling scared, frustrated and motivation is running low. IF you feel like you or your employees are underperforming, it is okay to take a bit of time to get the performance level back again to how you were before the pandemic. People have lost their loved ones, are facing challenges due to collapsing economy, and also lack resources while working from home. As such, there is a dip in the motivation level of many.


While you might be feeling slowed down at the moment under the brunt of all these issues, just know that the whole world is battling against the pandemic, and almost all businesses have similar stories! Give yourself and your employees and business some time to get back on your feet, and with the necessary strategies, you are sure to do great again!


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