How to stay motivated during the pandemic?

You might have faced a plunge in your motivation level during the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown like millions of others. Socially distancing and staying home naturally drops down the motivation level due to an increase in idleness, and you are also constantly worrying about your health and financial security. As such it might be really difficult to get going. While it is completely normal to feel less motivated than usual when the world has come to a halt, here are a few strategies to help you stay motivated during the pandemic.


1) Take it easy: Rule number 1 to stay motivated is to take it easy and be kind to yourself. It is a very stressful time as it is so worrying about your business constantly might actually make things worse than better. You might be suffering losses and business might be slow, but panicking takes you nowhere. You have to understand that building back better is a patient process and you will have to take it one thing at a time. While you work to bring your business back to its feet remember to be patient with yourself! And to stay motivated believe that each action you take will work to improve your condition little by little!


2) Create a workable schedule: Instead of stressing out about the plunging economy or the discomfort of working from home make a workable schedule to ground yourself around your work. At the moment you might have more difficulty keeping up the communication with clients and business partners, and it might be very easy to get stressed and start doubting yourself. But instead of giving in to these feelings making a set schedule for all your activities, e.g. communications, budgeting, marketing, will help you feel more motivated. Also, working from home blurs the line between your professional and personal life and you might be having difficulty getting off work mode! But this will take a toll on your energy so work out a schedule with both working and resting time!


3) Take care of your health and wellbeing: Don’t forget that we are going through a very scary pandemic with each day adding more casualties, so give extra attention to your health and wellbeing, including that of your employees. If your workload is not as big as it used to be don’t stress about it, but be understanding that at the moment that is actually good for your wellbeing! Give focus to working from a safe distance at the moment, and keep all the networking virtual! In the long run, your health and wellbeing are what keeps you going!


4) Make time for your favorite activity: Set a time for your favorite activity outside work! Maybe you love reading books, or listening to music, working out, or dancing! Taking time to indulge yourself in your favorite activity will do wonders for your mood and eventually get you motivated!


As we wait for the pandemic to be over and get life back to normal, or the new normal, be kind to yourself and your endeavors. Maybe shooting for the stars is not as plausible at the moment as it will be a few months down the road! Take it easy as you build back your business or strategize new ventures, and follow these few measures to keep yourself motivated!


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