5 Points to confirm Business Card is for today

The world now has gone digital, businesses are left with no alternatives and are forced to adapt to the digital market. But with all that has changed, you might ask if the business card has lost its charm? Is it still valid? While many might argue that it definitely has lost its value, the truth is, it still is valid. No matter how advanced or digitalized life we are living, the business card is never going to be replaced by tech any time soon. The old way of exchanging business cards is still much valid and to-date remains equally important. Now the question that arises is who needs to carry business cards? Employer? Employee? Employment Seekers? Well, the answer to all of the above questions is “everyone”. Yes, everyone needs to carry business cards. It can be an immensely useful tool to exchange contact details and start a relation. Business card establishes a relationship which ultimately leads you to the clear track of opportunities.


With all that being said, let us now briefly outline the 5 points to confirm that Business card is for today:


Haven’t you tried to impress your partner by dressing smart, by looking good or by talking softly at your first date? Obviously everybody wants to impress on the first date. First impressions are powerful important tools for success. Now, imagine yourself in the midst of a first-time conversation with a dignitary or a potential client. If they adore your talk or business and ask to exchange details, what would you do? While you could still share the information digitally, but business cards make you look much smarter and professional. Creating an impression in business is a Herculean task, and making it the first time is an even mightier task. So, you should stay geared with your business card to exchange your details over your opening meeting.



A business card can be one of the smartest tools for marketing your product. While you are exchanging your details, you could actually pitch about the work you do. Search engine optimization, email marketing, online ads are great means for attracting leads but still, it is not as effective as face-to-face interaction with the exchange of business cards. Marketing in person is one of the most effective marketing that has ever been practiced. Remember, it is not the contact details you are sharing with a business card, you are actually promoting your business and clearing the way for new opportunities to come.



Networking is the King to promote your business. There is no better way to promote your business or brand at networking events, other than with business cards. Business cards quickly help to start a meaningful conversation and build an instant relation. It starts your story and develops a tale of new business relations. Business Card is simply one irreplaceable factor during networking because it is what ignites business relationships.



Having a business card gives a professional impression. It doesn’t have to be excellently well designed; just handing out a simple business card will make you look like a sound professional, even if you’re just starting out.



If you meet someone who is of entirely different professional backgrounds than yours, it is still very wise to share your business cards. Because if the person knows about your existence then whenever someone within their radar is searching for a professional such as you, then chances are likely that they just might refer you. A business card reminds people of your existence. If more people know you exist, it is much likelier that you would be getting referrals.


The business world is changing, and it is changing faster than our imagination. But business cards still to-date remains an important tool for businesses and professionals. It has a lot of merits for businesses so, it is still mandatory for businesses and professionals to have business cards. While it may have lost its charm, it surely hasn’t lost its value.


Contributor: Nischal Acharya

Edited by Clock b Business Innovations

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