Productivity Hacks

We all like consistent betterment in the works we do, and in how we handle our tasks. However that consistency might be difficult to maintain, given our concentration or motivation wanes out, or we are so engrossed in what we are doing that we forget about other impending works. In the end, we measure our efficiency by what we are able to produce and what we are able to get done, and for which we invest much of our time and effort. Here are a few hacks to keep up your sleeves to help you with your productivity. Get it done, and get more done!


Compartmentalize your time: Get smart with compartmentalizing your time. What needs to be done and what needs to be done first? Often time barrier to being productive and efficient is taking too long in one task and then not having sufficient time for the remaining ones. This results more in wasted effort, especially when you have a deadline to work with. Make use of your calendar and diaries to set tasks and the specific time frame that you have to get done. Allocate the time of your days effectively, and set the most mundane tasks towards morning or afternoon when you feel most energized. It is also a good idea to keep tasks that you actually enjoy to finish later.


Know your resources: Have in your hand, list of all your resources. If you are researching, which application would allow you to do a faster systematic literature review? If you are making an infographic are there any applications that will make your task easier? There are lots of resources developed each day that caters to your various needs. Taking time to update yourself will actually reduce your overall working time in the long run! This also applies to when you work in group settings. Who can you rely on? Allocate tasks according to people’s strength and interest to see how efficiently your output come along.


Minimize distractions: Keep distractions at bay. These might be social media notifications that go “ting-ting” every time you are trying to focus, or TV shows that you can hear in the distance and that pull you to your couch. Or even background music which ends up with you dancing rather than getting the work done. Distractions usually work even better when you are trying to accomplish a really difficult task, and you would rather do anything but that. When you are engrossed in such tasks that need completion, it is a must that you put these distractions to a minimum. Keep your phone on silent, turn off your TVs or gaming consoles, choose a time and place where you can be by yourself.


Organize your workspace: De-clutter your workspace – both physical and online. A clean, mess-free desk helps you remain more focused than having to make your way through clutters. You can also customize your workspace according to your vibe. Maybe you will love a small succulent or flower beside you to keep you going, or maybe a rock-band poster. Whatever it is, personalize your space according to your taste to keep yourself away from the mundane. Same with your online space! Segregate your folders, your email tags, have back-ups in place, de-clutter old files, have anti-viruses in place, and update the software.


Take care of yourself: You can be productive as long as you are feeling good. So take care of yourself. Don’t overexert yourself to the point of exhaustion, and don’t underwork yourself ending up a couch potato. Balance is the key! Your efficiency actually decreases if you push yourself despite your tiredness. Take frequent breaks, and reward yourself for every task you complete.


These are few hacks we have for you to keep your productivity intact. Tailor them around yourself, and build a working modality that works for you.

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