Pandemic Friendly Startups? Yes!

Are you thinking of starting your business but holding back because of the pandemic? Are you wondering if your business idea will survive the pandemic? Are there pandemic-friendly startups at all? The answer is yes! There are many startups that defied all odds during the pandemic and lockdown to do well. Here are a few pandemic-friendly startups and if you’re business idea matches with any of these then you are good to go.


1) Self Care – Self-care peaked during the pandemic as people paid attention to their health and wellbeing. If your business revolves around care packages, including medicines, super-foods, and even skincare then you can do well during the pandemic as well. Not only are people paying more attention to their health, but they also have more time to indulge themselves. People have more time to make skincare routines, home-spa, cook good food, so if you planning to revolve your business around these products go for it! Self-care also includes taking care of their home, so if you are selling cleaning products, disinfectants, that should go really well too.


2) Shipping and delivery services – As lockdown was imposed people’s movement have been restricted. Due to safety reasons, the majority of people prefer online shopping and delivery, and these services are on the rise now. From ordering daily essentials such as food, grocery, and medicine to even non-essentials such as books, clothing, jewelry, shipping, and delivery services are being used more than ever. There are now several businesses that offer only delivery from a vendor to customers. If you don’t have any specific product of your own, then offering this service can definitely help you start something during the pandemic.


3) Online learning platforms – People are staying home more, which means they are browsing the internet more than ever before! To be productive during the pandemic people are also using online platforms to learn new things. If you have any topic that you are an expert on then you can definitely offer an online teaching service. This can be about a specific topic or subject such as trade, or about computer skills such as slides development and presentation, or entertainment such as music. The possibilities are endless! Maybe you can teach people communication skills, or handicrafts, or even styling, go for it!


4) Digitalizing consultancy – Businesses across the world and in Nepal are having to digitalize themselves for the new normal. If you are well equipped with digitalization then that is one of the best services that you can provide at the moment. Not only businesses but even schools, colleges, and institutions are having to operate digitally. As such you can monetize your knowledge and skills relating to any arena of digitalization, from marketing to transaction, to building slides, the opportunities are endless. Get looking!


As you can see there are still many avenues that you can tap into to get your startup going during the pandemic. The key is to identify what skills of yourself you can monetize based on the demand of the market. Most of these ventures can even have very low investment costs if you utilize some already existing resources online. For. eg. you can start your podcasts for free, you can make use of zoom or meet for your own online lessons, and there are hundreds of infographic templates available online for you to use! Keep looking and you will soon find a talent that you can monetize!

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